Katie Holmes: Tom Helps Me With My Acting

Being married to a movie star has its perks from private jets to Hollywood connections. If you are Katie Holmes and married to Tom Cruise, you also get a built-in acting coach.

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When asked in an interview with New York Magazine about whether she and Tom will ever do a movie together, Holmes responded: “Well, we do collaborate on everything at home. But I mean, he’s Tom Cruise!…I look back, and everything’s a classic.

“I definitely come home and say to him, ‘So, imagine a scene … how would you play it?’ And he’s helpful and sweet and gracious.“

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Currently stepping into the shoes of Jackie Kennedy, Katie Holmes has a lot in common with the first lady who was hounded daily by paparazzi but she takes the scrutiny in stride.

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“It’s there, it’s one of those things. My big concern is what does he have going, what do I have going, what are we going to do this weekend. It must seem weird, I guess, having so many people watching. It is weird. I get it. But you just, you know, smile and nod. “

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As for four-year old Suri, Holmes beamed like a proud mom: “…she’s so creative and she’s so bright and so special. Whatever she wants to do, I know she’s going to be amazing at it. I’ve already started my applause, and I will be applauding for the rest of my life.“

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