EXCLUSIVE: White House Gatecrasher Trying To Cash In By Becoming A Barbie Doll

The fame-seeking Real Housewives of D.C. couple, the Salahis, plan to cash in on their White House Gatecrashing notoriety by turning Michaele into a Barbie doll, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

While their lawyer is threatening to sue anyone who calls them White House Gatecrashers, the Salahis also want to turn their fame into fortune by releasing a Halloween costume.

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Their secret plan is contained in marketing documents the couple has touted to prospective business partners, RadarOnline.com has confirmed.

“The Salahis want to produce a Barbie Doll of Michaele in her red sari dress — the same outfit she wore when ‘gatecrashing’ the White House,” said one source, who was familiar with their grand plan.

“They even, ambitiously, want to sell the rights of the doll to Mattel or another toy maker in the hopes it could generate worldwide sales and become the next Malibu Stacy.”

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While the Secret Service continue to investigate Michaele and Tareq about the security breach that sparked a national furor, the pair now appears on Bravo’s latest reality series of the Real Housewives franchise.

The couple are also behind the release of a new book, Cirque Du Salahi: Be Careful Who You Trust, which is scheduled to be released next month.

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Said the business source, “They also want to make Halloween costumes of themselves and sell the rights to a major store, such as Wal-Mart.

“As part of the deal, Michaele and Tareq are suggesting they would license their image for packaging and promotion.”

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The Salahis’ dire finances unraveled after their visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and are a key storyline of Real Housewives of D.C., which premiered last week.

While the Salahis portray themselves as part of Washington’s social elite, rubbing elbows with the nation’s power players, bankruptcy records show the couple lived well beyond their means.

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A bankruptcy filing for Tareq’s business, Oasis Enterprises, shows the company is more than $2.1 million in debt.

A 2004 Aston Martin, worth $150,000 and a $90,000 boat were repossessed, as part of the action. There were also unpaid bills for limousine service, tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt and even unpaid parking tickets.

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