EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Stars Reveal Who They’d Want To Play Them

Lights! Camera! Action! From the moment they step out the door their lives are parties, luxury, and travel…right? So why shouldn’t they have a bio-pic about their fabulous lives? Who would the stars want to play them on the screen? RadarOnline.com‘s Jessica Campbell was on hand at the Reality Cares charity event in Beverly Hills to find out who the stars would chose to play them in their life stories.

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“That’s a really hard question, oh my gosh…maybe like Kate Bosworth” says Whitney Port of the reality show The City. The sassy Roxy Olin who co-stars with Whitney in The City states, “I want Mick Jagger to play me that would be my dream.” We would have to watch that TV show! Mick Jagger playing Roxy?? What channel is that on? We’re setting the Tivo now.

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The beautiful Indrani of Double Exposure fame chose Angelina Jolie. They are both stunning women so it would be an easy role for Angelina. Tiffany Hines a break out actress who will be shaking things up on CWTV’s new show Nikita says, “I don’t know…maybe Aisha Tyler“. The hunky wolf of the Twilight saga Bronson Pelletier shares, “I think I would want to play me. I think I would do my own show”. Well Bronson with abs like yours I think we’re okay with that too. Every star has a story to tell. The casts of these TV shows will make them a “must see” experience. Everyone set your Tivo!

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