EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Jerseylicious Girls Give Hollywood Starlet Brittany Curran A Jersey Makeover!

It can’t get more Jersey than Tracy DiMarco and Olivia Blois, who star on the hit show Jerseylicious, which debuts it’s 2nd Season on Sunday September 5 at 8pm on STYLE — or can it?


The dueling beauty salon divas recently swept into Los Angeles and extended an exclusive opportunity to Brittany Curran, who plays Ray Romano’s daughter on Men of a Certain Age: the chance to transform from the “Girl Next Door” into the ultimate “Jersey Girl.”

RadarOnline.com was invited in on the action, where the sassy-mouthed hair and makeup team dished on all their style secrets (they wear chicken cutlets more than they eat them!) as well as what it takes to make it in Jersey.

“It’s fun to be a Jersey Girl because you don’t care what people think about you,” says Tracy.

“You can walk around here and people are going to look at you and it’s like ha ha you’re still looking at me!”

When Tracy and Olivia first laid their smoky-shadowed eyes on the innocent looking, fair-skinned starlet, they knew they had their work cut out for them.

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Using loads of hairspray, which Tracy declares is her “best friend”, bronzer and eye makeup, the girls put their differences aside and band together for the challenge.

“Makeup is sort of like Simon says,” Olivia explains to Brittany after ordering her to “look up, look down.”

“Yeah, and you are Simon!” quips Brittany.

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The girls educate Brittany on the secrets of their attention-grabbing style, which includes “bright colors, animal print, individuality and uniqueness.”

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“You have to feel really confident in whatever you are wearing. You could be wearing a paper bag on your head and as long as you accessorize it, it doesn’t really matter.”

VIDEO: In The Closet With Brittany Curran

After the girls are done putting pigment in Brittany’s skin and dressing her up in an uber-tiny black mini dress, which they shorten even more because you must “always roll your dresses under if they look too long” they hand her a little padding for the corseted dress.

“Every girl in Jersey has a pair of chicken cutlets,” they explain to her about the surgery-free method of bust-plumping.

“We wear chicken cutlets more than we eat them!”

See Brittany’s dramatic Jerseylicious makeover by watching the RadarOnline.com exclusive video!



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