EXCLUSIVE: Snooki's New Romance Hits A Road Bump

Oh, young love. Snooki’s new romance with Jeff Miranda might be over before it really got started, according to former Jersey Shore cast mate Angelina Pivarnick. RadarOnline.com also spoke to Miranda regarding Angelina’s accusations.

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In an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com, Angelina says Snooki and Miranda recently “got in a huge fight” and that Miranda told Angelina that, “something happened between him and Snooki and he feels terrible about it.”

Angelina told RadarOnline.com that she feels Miranda was only interested in Snooki “for the fame” and made passes at several other girls, including Angelina herself!

“Jeff used to try and hook up with me all the time after we were done filming in Miami,” she told RadarOnline.com. “He really wanted to be my boyfriend. He would come to clubs and follow us around wherever we went.”

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According to Angelina, Miranda never had any interest in Snooki and only dated her to get on the show. “He was always saying mean things about the cast…he said Snooki was gross,” she told RadarOnline.com. “He called J-WOWW a man and Ronnie a short loser.

“He never told Snooki that he tried out for Jersey Shore and now she’s found out and she thinks he dated her for the fame.”

Angelina continued, “He says he is truly hurt and he really liked Snooki and that he liked her for who she is and not just because she is on the show. But I don’t believe a word he says and I told him he should be embarrassed for trying to hook up with two girls on the same show after trying out for that show. It can mean only one thing: he is a fame whore.”

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RadarOnline.com reached out to Miranda who defended himself and called Angelina’s allegations false: “Look, people are trying to hate. They’re trying to ruin things [between us]. These accusations are false. All I want is to be happy. Nicole is a sweet girl. She considers everyone else first before she thinks of herself. I care about her a lot.”

When it comes to Angelina’s claims that he tried out for Jersey Shore, Miranda admitted, “It is true that four months ago I received an email asking me to send in an audition tape. And I did. I admit, I did try out for the show.

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“Due to confidentiality, I can not talk anymore about my relationship with Nicole at this time. That may change but for now I can’t make any further comments about Nicole or anyone else on the show.”

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