EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar Say Having a 20th Baby “Would Be Wonderful”

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have their hands full with their 19 children, but the reality TV family told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview that they would be excited to have even more kids and expand their growing brood yet again.

“That would be wonderful!  We would love another person to add to our family. We will wait and see and take it one at a time,” mom Michelle told RadarOnline.com on Tuesday.

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The season premiere of 19 Kids and Counting airing on TLC on Tuesday night will showcase the escapades of the Duggar family as they return home from Little Rock, Arkansas, where they spent months living in a rented house while youngest baby Josie was in hospital after being born four months premature.

PHOTOS: Michelle and Jim Bob Visit Josie Brooklyn In The Hospital

“Josie is doing great, she weighs 11 pounds, 1 ounce now,” Michelle said about her tiny daughter.

Currently seven months old, Josie is the size of a four-month-old, and her mom says “she’s doing everything a four-month-old baby would do.”

“She is cooing, she loves to hear herself squeal, which is her newest thing,” the proud parent explained. “She is making her own noise, she smiles all the time – she’s such a happy little kid.”

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The premature baby suffered several setbacks after she was born but is now developing well.  “They (the doctors) said her eyes checked out perfectly, her ears are great, her motor skills are good. We are so thankful and realized what a miracle she is.”

Big sister Jennifer Duggar turned 3 on Monday and Jim Bob told RadarOnline.com that they took the birthday girl out to eat with her siblings.

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“She was so cute,” said mom Michelle. “She kept saying I have a dink, I have a dink, and I finally realized she was saying ‘drink.’  She had water with a lemon slice in it and she thought it was a special treat!”

The new season of the reality show premieres with two back-to-back episodes on TLC on Tuesday at 9pm.

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