PHOTOS: Spencer Pratt’s 3D Boob-Filled Beach Movie

For his latest venture, former reality star Spencer Pratt is jumping behind the camera.

PHOTOS: Spencer Pratt’s “3D Boob”-Filled Beach Movie

Pratt was spotted at El Matador Beach on Thursday, running along the beach with camera in hand as a cast outfitted like lifeguards ran towards him in a Baywatch-style scene.

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“Just shot some amazing film for my micro-budget rated r beach comedy I am producing TOWER 69: BEACH PATROL featuring 3 D BOOBS,” Pratt wrote on is Twitter page.

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One of the props on the set read: “Need budget money for 3D boobs.”

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There will be at least one familiar MTV face onscreen. Emilio Masella, the ex of Jersey Shore’s Snooki, filmed a scene in which he kissed a beautiful blonde in the ocean.

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