Melissa Etheridge’s Ex Files For Full Custody Of Their Children

Melissa Etheridge’s ex Tammy Lynn Michaels has filed for full custody of the couple’s 3-year old twins, has learned.

COURT DOCUMENTS: Tammy Files For Full Custody

The couple had registered their domestic partnership in August 2005 and broke up last year after nearly nine years together. In 2006, Michaels gave birth to their children- a boy named Miller and a girl named Johnnie.

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Michaels has disputed Etheridge’s claims that the split was amicable and her recent filing is another sign of the rift between the two.

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In her early July filing to end their partnership, Etheridge asked for joint custody of the twins and asked that the court not award Michaels financial support. In Michaels’ filing, she asks for spousal support and full legal and physical custody of the children. Both cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.

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