Make Betty White Your Calendar Girl!

The good news: Betty White‘s been everywhere you look in 2010, be it hosting Saturday Night Live to off-the-charts ratings, a hysterical Super Bowl ad, and even a new hit sitcom, Hot In Cleveland.

The better news: next year can be the same if you order The Betty White Calendar 2011, which will feature a dozen months of the enigmatic entertainer to put a smile on your face each day of the year.

Live From L.A., It’s Betty White VS Tina Fey In SNL Emmy Battle

Proceeds from the sale of the 88-year-old Golden Girls star’s calendar will benefit The Morris Animal Foundation based in Denver, Colorado.

Exclusive Video: Betty White On SNL, Rue McClanahan, And Hot Dogs

The Betty White Calendar 2011, priced at $12.99, goes on sale this fall.

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