GUY STYLE: David Beckham's Posh New Manbag

Who says ladies get to have all the fashion fun? Though David Beckham may not have a Birkin like his wife Victoria, the famed footballer has his own designer bag. Leaving the airport in Nice, France this week, David rocked a totally hip military-inspired backpack with his GQ threads, and we were dying to find out where he scooped it up.

PHOTOS: David Beckham And His Burberry Manbag

Turns out, the khaki and leather oversized backpack is from the Burberry Prorsum Spring 2010 collection, and has become the soccer stud’s travel essential. With a sleek leather jacket, dark jeans (with a grey Burberry scarf tied through a loophole!) and black kicks, David was flying high on our Radar!

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What do you think about David’s Posh new backpack? Check out the gallery in Style and let us know!

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