EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Kathy Griffin Talks Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan

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Our world exclusive tapes of Mel Gibson’s rants, and Lindsay Lohan‘s legal woes, are the talk of Hollywood, so who better than D-list queen Kathy Griffin to dissect the scandals of the summer in her own inimitable fashion?

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RadarOnline.com caught up with the fiery reality star on the red carpet of the 2010 VH1 Do Something Awards in Hollywood Monday, where Griffin couldn’t help but stop and share her thoughts on both of the troubled celebs.

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“Just know that Joan Rivers and I chipped in and sent him a ‘Thank You’ muffin basket,” Griffin told our Viviana Vigil. “Because Mel Gibson, while I’m not happy as a woman or as an American, as a comedian, I have to thank him for the amount of material he’s given me.

“I mean, he’s basically written my next special for me,” she said. (You can thank us too, Kathy!)

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When Lohan’s name was mentioned, Kathy said she’d like the Mean Girls star to spend her house arrest at her home in the Hollywood Hills.

“She’s invited … I have a really nice home,” she said.

The Do Something Awards, hosted by Glee‘s Jane Lynch, aired Monday night on VH1.

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