EXCLUSIVE: Mel Gibson’s Lawyer To Meet With Sheriff’s Investigators Next Week

Mel Gibson‘s lawyer will meet with Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department investigators next week, RadarOnlne.com has learned exclusively.

The actor is being investigated on domestic violence charges. Oksana Grigorieva, his former girlfriend and the mother of their eight-month-old daughter Lucia, filed a complaint with law enforcement on July 5.

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“The plan is for Mel’s lawyer to meet with investigators from the Sheriff’s department next week,” a source close to the case told RadarOnline.com exclusively. “It won’t be happening this week because of scheduling issues.”

Mel has not been interviewed by law enforcement.

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“There is a lot more to this investigation that Mel’s lawyer will be giving to law enforcement,” the source said, refusing to elaborate on the details but hinting the information could help the embattled star.

A law enforcement source told RadarOnline.com: “This investigation is proceeding very quickly. It could be handed over to the D.A.’s office by the end of the month.”

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It will ultimately be up to the D.A. To determine if there is enough evidence to charge Mel with a crime.

Oksana has told sources that Mel punched out her front teeth and threatened to kill her several times. She recorded him on the phone because she was afraid for her life, she told one source.

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RadarOnline.com has exclusively released the audio of ranting, crazed Mel threatening to kill Oksana and also launching into racist, vile rants. He also says, “you f*cking deserved it” after she complains that he hit her.


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