VIDEO: Mindy McCready: “I Didn’t Knowingly Ever Try To Kill Myself”

Celebrity Rehab star Mindy McCready denied reports she’s ever tried to kill herself and said her mother, Gayle McCready Inge, took advantage of the situation following the troubled country singer’s hospitalization in Florida last month after an alleged amphetamine overdose.

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“I didn’t knowingly ever try to kill myself,” McCready said in an appearance on the CBS Early Show Wednesday.  “I was never if a state in which I was conscious and with it and said, ‘Oh, I want to die.’ It was after there had been a depressing moment or, you know, a crushing thing had happened to me that I, you know, I would drink too much and I don’t really remember making those decisions.”

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While McCready didn’t touch upon her sex tape, Baseball Mistress, she did react to her mother’s interviews in the media following the May incident, claiming her mother “was taking advantage of the situation.

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“I had a really severely broken toe — if I had been there for an actual overdose, I would be locked up,” McCready said. “They don’t allow you to leave the hospital if there was any sign of suicide attempt or if I was — my life was ever in danger, they never would have let me leave.”

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James Cartright Jr., Mindy’s cousin, exclusively sent us a letter last month saying that while the singer is “very charming person” and “a beautiful, talented woman,” she’s full of “half-truths and full-blown lies” — and that her mother Gayle is not to blame.

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“Gayle’s only fault is being a mother who tried to protect a child that continues to stab her in the back every chance she gets,” Cartright wrote. “Gayle was under the impression that things were going well with Mindy during her stay, and tried to downplay the overdose situation by taking the blame over reaction for Mindy’s sake.

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“After she did this, she found out Mindy was bashing her behind her back,” he continued. “She finally decided enough was enough and she wasn’t going to cover for someone who was so quick to throw her under the bus. She has sat idly by for too long while Mindy slandered her and kept quiet, so as not to go against her own daughter.”

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