Paris Hilton, Mike Tyson And Other Stars Turn Up For UFC Fight

You would have thought it was a movie premiere with all the stars who showed up to a recent UFC fight.

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Even with all the heart-stopping action at the UFC114 Rampage vs. Rashad at the MGM Events Center on the Las Vegas strip, the celebs still took center stage.

Paris Hilton, Reggie Bush and Tony Parker took the trip to Sin City to cheer for Rampage or Rashad “Shuga” Evans.

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Among the 15,000 screaming fans at the sold-out grudge match were David Spade, Wilmer Valderrama, Avatar’s Sam Worthington and legendary actor Forest Whitaker.

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If you keep track of things like this: Evans won, which ups his record to 20-1 and Jackson falls to 30-8. Of course, we’ll see Rampage soon in the new A Team movie where he plays B.A. (Bad Attitude) Barakas, the role made famous by Mr. T.

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