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NEW DETAILS: Police Investigation Into Gary Coleman’s Death Still Open, Foul Play Not Ruled Out

The police investigation into Gary Coleman’s death is still open.

RadarOnline.com learned that police have spoken to Gary’s wife Shannon Price several times and she is not considered a suspect or person of interest, and has been consistent in her story.

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But police have also not ruled out foul play in Gary’s death, they told RadarOnline.com.

About Price, Detective Stan Eggen told RadarOnline.com:  ”I have spoken with her and statements are consistent with what she told the very first police officer.”

Coleman’s ex manager Dion Mial told RadarOnline.com on Wednesday that he suspects foul play in his friend’s death.

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But Detective Eggen told us: “Foul play is not suspected… but we have to be careful.  Until we’re absolutely positive on cause of death we have to keep the case open and anybody who calls us and has any information.

“We have to take precautions, so consequently we’re still investigating the case.”

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And while foul play is not suspected, police admitted to RadarOnline.com that it has NOT been ruled out, either. “No, it has not,” Detective Eggen said.

He added that police are waiting for the medical examiner’s report, which usually takes six weeks.         

Coleman fell at home, suffered an intracranial hemorrhage and died May 28 after his ex-wife made the decision to pull him off life support.

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“We certainly aren’t naming her as a suspect or person of interest,” Detective Eggen said of Price.

Mial told RadarOnline.com:  “I wholeheartedly believe there was foul play here.”

When asked if Coleman could have been pushed or hit with a blunt object, Detective Eggen told RadarOnline.com: “There’s no way to rule that out, but there’s no way to say he was either.

“I really think he just passed out and hit his head, but we have to be as positive as we can.”

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Coleman’s body was sent to the medical examiner last week. A report has not yet been issued.

His body is now at Lake Hill Mortuary in Sandy, Utah.

No funeral or memorial has taken place and the mortuary holding Coleman’s body is going to court to have a judge decide what to do with the actor’s remains.  )