EXCLUSIVE: Shauna Sand’s Last Hurrah Before Celebrity Rehab

Shauna Sand, the former Playboy Playmate who is going to be a cast member of the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab 4, decided to hit the town Thursday night for one last hurrah.

Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand Checking Into Celebrity Rehab

Like a true party girl, Sand arrived at 12:30 am at Syndicate Hospitality’s latest Hollywood hotspot MyStudio. Sands joined some girlfriends and stayed until closing time. Sources close to Sand tell RadarOnline.com it appeared she was having a very good time, and had a table by the dance floor and was seen dancing the night away. Sand left the club at 2:30 a.m. and was greeted by VH1 cameras.

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Jesse McCartney, Shane West and Seth McFarlane were also clubbing at MyStudio on Thursday.

While Seth was celebrating his girlfriend’s birthday at the club with Jack Daniels, Belvedere Vodka and Dom Perignon Champagne, our insider says Sands was drinking, but didn’t appear to be drunk or misbehaving.

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She joins Tila Tequila, heir to an oil fortune Jason Davis and Bonnie Pointer from The Pointer Sisters.

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