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EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy London & Wife Both Undergoing Drug Testing, Lost Custody Of Son

Jeremy London and his wife Melissa have lost custody of their son and are both being drug tested regularly, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively. London made headlines when RadarOnline.com broke the story that he told police he was kidnapped, held at gun point, and forced to “smoke drugs.”

London previously had a problem with prescription pills and went into rehab.

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Now RadarOnline.com has learned that Melissa also had a problem with prescription pills and was in rehab. The couple’s troubled relationship and drug problems caused them to lose custody of their son, Lyrik, 3, and Melissa’s mom has been raising the child.

RadarOnline.com has also learned that Melissa crashed a car into a Palm Springs 7-Eleven a few weeks ago with her young son in the car.

It all adds up to a portrait of a troubled couple, with both individuals battling drug problems- factors that could come into play in court because of Jeremy’s recent claim he was kidnapped and forced to “smoke drugs.”

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A source close to Melissa told RadarOnline.com that she became addicted to drugs after surgery for a fibroid tumor on her uterus.

Another source told us she has taken ambien, soma and valium on a regular basis.

And domestic violence between Jeremy and Melissa contributed to their previous problems but both are working to get custody of their son back.

Jeremy and Melissa’s contentious relationship is played out against the reality that they both have very little money. She is renting a room in a house in Palm Springs, RadarOnline.com learned.

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After she rented the room and told people she was estranged from Jeremy, he began showing up and hanging out.

One source who has seen Jeremy at the house asked him why he was hanging around if Melissa was his ex. Jeremy said: “I’ve got to keep an eye on her, make sure she doesn’t relapse.”

But another source says Melissa has said: “I don’t have a problem. Jeremy has problems.”

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And yet the couple is still together, spending time at the Palm Springs house where Jeremy was asked to leave. He then moved into a Palm Springs Ramada Inn but went back to the house after the kidnapping incident.

Melissa is expected to leave that house shortly.

The couple’s tortured relationship provides an interesting backdrop to London’s amazing claims about his kidnapping.

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Just weeks ago Melissa crashed a car into a 7-Eleven – with her son in the car. A source familiar with the incident said: “A woman pulled up and drove into the wall. It wasn’t hard and there wasn’t any damage but I saw a commotion outside.

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“A woman got out of her car with a child after hitting the wall. She tried to walk off but a group of customers outside wanted to stop her.

“They told me later that they thought she was behaving a little out of it. They didn’t want her to go because of this and so they called the police. She wouldn’t listen to them though.”

That woman was Melissa, RadarOnline.com learned.

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Melissa told one person that she married Jeremy “for better or worse and this is the ‘worse’ part.” She said she doesn’t know if they will reconcile permanently but they are working on things.

Other sources told RadarOnline.com that Jeremy and Melissa have engaged in shouting matches at the Palm Springs house and alienated people around them by staying up all night and sleeping all day.

Their tumultuous relationship becomes legally important because only Jeremy, Melissa and the three men accused and suspected of kidnapping know what happened in the car during the day of the incident.

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Brandon Adams is behind bars, the police are looking for two other men, and Jeremy and Melissa are insisting he really was forced to smoke drugs.

As this bizarre scenario unfolds, the Londons’ relationship is certain to face even more scrutiny,  as will their drug problems that caused them to lose custody of their son.