EXCLUSIVE: Gary Coleman Independent Autopsy Delayed By Ex-Wife’s Bid For Control Of Estate

Shannon Price‘s legal bid to win control over Gary Coleman‘s estate has delayed any independent investigation into the death of the Diff’rent Strokes star, RadarOnline.com has learned.

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Dion Mial, the disputed executor of the estate, wants answers to questions surrounding the actor’s death. Coleman fell at home and banged his head. That caused an intracranial hemorrhage and eventually led to his death May 28 at age 42.

Price, 24, has emphatically denied any wrongdoing. She called 911 but told the emergency operator that she couldn’t handle being around all the blood, so she left her ex husband bleeding and alone in another room.

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“I have not been able to obtain the autopsy in order to consider or review whether or not there is cause for further investigation,” Mial told RadarOnline.com, in an exclusive interview.

“Shannon is making it very difficult for authorities to get to the bottom of this… She is the full and complete impediment.”

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Mial previously told RadarOnline.com: “I wholeheartedly believe there was foul play here.”

On Thursday, Price filed papers to assume control of the late actor’s estate — a move that “froze” Mial from ordering a private autopsy, starting plans for Gary’s cremation and planning his funeral, according to the former manager’s lawyer Kent B. Alderman.

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“This will slow things down,” the attorney told RadarOnline.com Friday.

“Shannon Price had the right to enter the an objection to the appointment of a personal representative and that will now go on a trial track in order to litigate this issue.

“On Monday, the court is going to be interested in two questions: one, the decision on what to do with Gary’s remains, and two, to settle any dispute about the funeral arrangements.”

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The Salt Lake City medical examiner’s office performed an autopsy on Coleman’s body last week, but have so far failed to provide it to Mial, who Coleman named executor in a 1999 will.

Price also has not been given a copy of the autopsy, her agent Sheila Erickson confirmed to RadarOnline.com.

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Coleman’s body remains at Lake Hill Mortuary in Sandy, Utah.

The mortuary revealed to RadarOnline.com it is joining the court bid, in order to have a judge decide what to do with the late actor’s remains.

Police have interviewed Price, who discovered her ex-husband and later gave permission to turn off his life support machine, multiple times.

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Police say she is not a suspect or person of interest. They do not suspect foul play but have not ruled it out.

Detective Stan Eggen told RadarOnline.com he had spoken to Price multiple times and that her statements were consistent with what she told the first police officer who interviewed her.

“Foul play is not suspected… but we have to be careful,” he said. 

“Until we’re  absolutely positive on cause of death we have to keep the case open and anybody who calls us and has any information.

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“We have to take  precautions, so consequently we’re still investigating the case.”

A spokesman for Coleman’s adoptive parents has also said he suspected foul play was involved.

“If I had the dollars, I’d hire someone to take another look at the body to see if there was any blunt force trauma to the head,” Victor Perillo told RadarOnline.com, last week.

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