AUDIO: Rapper Drake Reveals His Lost Love For Rihanna

Following his brief relationship with sexy singer Rihanna, rapper Drake confessed on-air that he still has feelings for her and hopes that one day they’ll refuel their love.

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The 23-year-old music star, who dated Rihanna shortly after her tumultuous split with Chris Brown, poured his heart out on a call to the ‘COCO, Foolish and Mr. Chase,’ show on WJLB radio in Detroit, on Tuesday morning.

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Addressing rumors that Rihanna, 22, broke this heart and “did him dirty,” the rapper responded:

“By no means did I ever say she did me dirty.

“I’m in a very untouchable, confident position in my life where I rarely feel nervous and small, but she gave me that feeling and I respected her so much for it. I really miss that feeling.”

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When asked why it didn’t work out for the pair of singing love birds, Drake, a former ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation star,’ lamented.

“It’s life. It’s good, it takes its course. Maybe never, maybe some years from now.”

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It sounds like it was true love – for him at least!

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In future, Drake says he’ll be looking for a more mature woman to open his heart to.

“I love older women. I enjoy conversation. I enjoy a woman’s mind, good books, good movies, good dinner, good wine… So if your 32, 33, 35, I got some good young things to bring in your life.”

For the full interview visit: WJLB Mornings with Coco, Foolish & Mr. Chase

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