VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel Gives Lost Three Send-Offs

Jimmy Kimmel, Lost’s number one fan, hosted a special showing of Jimmy Kimmel Live following the ABC show’s series finale at the end of a successful six-year run Sunday.

The show’s ending left some of its’ viewers confused, as bloggers and message boards were filled with fans who had interpreted that the characters were not actually on an island at all, but rather in a state of purgatory. Kimmel, at the show’s end, showed off three hilarious alternative endings, including a Survivor spoof, a cliffhanger ending a la The Sopranos, and a Newhart-esque ending playing it off as all just a dream.

Watch the alternate ending on

Kimmel welcomed a dais of the show’s performers including Matthew Fox, Terry O’Quinn, Michael Emerson, Naveen Andrews, Emilie de Ravin and Daniel Dae Kim, among others.

“It’s hard to watch for me,” Fox said. “Sometime down the road, I suppose I’ll watch it all the way through. … [But] it’s been an incredible, incredible experience playing this guy.”

The Emmy-winning show, which debuted on ABC in September 2004, chronicled the lives of plane crash survivors living on an island in the South Pacific, with each episode’s storylines uniquely tailored to showcase their lives both on the island, and before the crash. The show posted stellar ratings throughout its’ six seasons, netting an average of more than 15 million viewers per show in each of its’ first three seasons.

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