VIDEO: David Letterman Loves “Very Funny” McGruber Movie – Really!

So, you think you know someone.

The wonderfully sarcastic David Letterman, on Tuesday night’s The Late Show, practically gushed over Saturday Night Live funnyman Will Forte, who was promoting his new comedy McGruber — you know, the big screen version of the long-running (and sometimes lame) SNL skit.

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Sure, we were surprised (and delightfully so!) when the SNL skits Wayne’s World and The Blues Brothers turned out to be a great movies, but for every Wayne and Garth –for every Jake and Elwood – there’s always the lingering memory of Pat (Sorry Julia Sweeney!) and Will Farrell’s A Night At The Roxbury.

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So, needless to say, we were skeptical about McGruber. Cue David Letterman!

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Letterman – who famously over the years has acted as if he doesn’t even know the correct title of a guest’s movie – raved about McGruber.

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Said Dave, “This thing is very funny. This is very strong. Oh my God, it’s one of those things where you start laughing and it kind of takes over and there’s an inertia about it, and it’s just that good.. solid, stupid fun.”

Forte responded,” It’s very stupid. It’s a dirty movie.”

McGruber opens Friday, May 21.

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