PHOTOS: Brangelina’s Beach Party

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are back in Los Angeles and enjoyed some beach time with Maddox and Pax in Malibu on Saturday — and has all the photos.

PHOTOS: Brangelina’s Beach Party

The jet setting duo are spending their Memorial Day Weekend at a friend’s beach house, and looked very happy and relaxed. 

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While we don’t see Shiloh, Zahara, or the twins in the photos, we do see Pax and Maddox having a blast playing with boogie boards in the Malibu sand and surf!

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We love Angelina’s laid back look, with her Indiana Jones inspired hat. 

Angelina relaxed with a glass of red wine next to Brad on a lounger, while reading ‘The Week’ magazine.

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The U.N.H.C.R. Goodwill Ambassador loves keeping up with the important news throughout the world — and we love her for it.

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The family was busy this week planning for Shiloh’s fourth birthday party which was held at their Loz Feliz home. 

It’s great that Brad and Angie got some time to relax at the beach with their crazy life!

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