New Exhibit Of Michael Jackson Memorabilia Features The Classic & The Bizarre

It has been 10 months since his death but fans of Michael Jackson are still turning out in droves to see anything and everything connected to the late superstar.

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A new collection of memorabilia, called the Lifetime Collection, went on display in Tokyo Saturday, with some fans so overcome with grief and emotion, several fainted.

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The collection features everything from the top of the gate to Michael’s Neverland ranch — attendees actually walk under it to enter the show — to plastic containers used to bring his prepared food to his concert rehearsals in the last days before his death.

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There are also sculptures, an antique piano, costumes, and the masks for ghosts that were props to be used in the London concert tour he was preparing for at the time of his death.

The 300 items will stay on display through June 25, the first anniversary of Jackson’s death.

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