EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Sex And The City 2’s New Hunk – Meet Max Ryan

It’s not often you get to share a dressing room with a debonair hunk, least of all one that plays the new boy toy to one of Sex and the City 2‘s randiest leading lady, Samantha Jones, played by Kim Cattrall.

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Actor Max Ryan allowed RadarOnline.com into his private fitting at Lloyd Klein in Los Angeles. The 43-year-old action star turned loverboy was trying on his new suit for the Sex and the City 2‘s world premiere in London, and took some time to sit down with RadarOnline.com’s Viviana Vigil. Although he was tight lipped about the details on whether or not he bares all in his new role, he did admit that he would drop trou for a film if requested. “Yes, I would” [get naked in a film].

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Ryan admits that he didn’t follow the Sex and the City TV series, or even watch the first film until after he was cast. So how much did Max study? We put him to the test with a quick True or False quiz with some pretty poor results, but Sex in the City fans will surely cut him some slack.

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“In any movie you either play the leading man or the bad guy or the leading woman, so where do you you want to be in Sex and the City?” Does that mean that Samantha has finally met her match? With his British accent, rugged good looks and piercing green eyes, Max Ryan makes women weak in the knees. It ‘s no surprise that he was the perfect choice as Samantha’s morrocan romance.

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But what can people really expect from the Sex and the City sequel? “I think it’s bigger than what people think.” Really Max? You had us at ‘Hello’.

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