EXCLUSIVE: Ryan O’Neal’s Farrah Project – New Details Revealed

Giving a very, very big hint at what he wants the title of his next project to be Ryan O’Neal just formed a new company, RadarOnline.com has uncovered.

Ryan formed Unforgotten Love Productions, LLC on March 12 of this year, according to records examined by RadarOnline.com.

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The ex love of Farrah, who has been involved in controversy and litigation over the first Farrah documentary, has been trying to film her friends and family for a second money-making project during the past several months.

Many people close to Farrah have refused – including her father.

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But Ryan has forged ahead with the project and even wants to include their troubled son Redmond, who has been in and out of jail over the years while battling drug addiction.

Now it’s clear that Ryan’s project is getting closer to completion as he’s formed the LLC, typically used as a vehicle for projects like this.

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Unforgotten Love Productions, LLC offers the ultimate hint of what Ryan wants to call the new documentary and fits perfectly with what he has been saying as he’s worked on the project – that he wants to remember and honor Farrah’s work in many way.

Ryan and Farrah never married and had a tempestuous relationship for years. He was with her at the end and even said he asked her to marry him before she lost her cancer battle.

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The new company was created in California.

One of Ryan’s main enemies has been Craig Nevius and the two are locked in litigation over the first Farrah project, with Nevius claiming he was unfairly kicked off the project and Ryan and his co-litigators charging, among other things, that Nevius embezzled money. Kate Jackson has taken Nevius’ side and even sued Richard Francis this week. Francis has sided with Ryan.

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