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EXCLUSIVE: Mindy McCready To Battle Mom For Custody Of Son

Country singer and VH1 Celebrity Rehab alum Mindy McCready is going to court in Florida on Wednesday to try and win back custody of her son from her mother, has confirmed.

Mindy signed over temporary custody of her 4-year-old son Zander to her mother Gayle Inge when he was 18-months-old. She is now going to court to try and regain custody of her son back from her mother.

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Mindy battled her prescription drug addiction for years, and spent time in jail where her son visited her, which she recalled as the point when she hit rock bottom on the Dr. Oz show on Tuesday.

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“Two months after I was there, he came to see me and didn’t know me,” she said as she choked back tears on the show. “I went back to the cell and heard the door slam and realized what have I done?”

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Since her time on Celebrity Rehab, Dr. Drew Pinsky has become a supporter of the trouble country music star.

“Mindy’s separation from her child has caused her great distress and I hope this matter is resolved for the health and benefit of all parties involved,” Dr. Drew told exclusively.

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