EXCLUSIVE: Funeral Date Finally Set For Monica Beresford-Redman; Body May Not Be There

The family of Monica Beresford-Redman, the murdered wife of a Survivor producer, has finally locked in a date for her funeral — but her body might not even be at her own memorial.

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A source close to the slain Hollywood wife’s family tells RadarOnline.com the two estranged camps — prime suspect Bruce Beresford-Redman and Monica’s grieving family — are locked in a dispute over the body.

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“Because Bruce hasn’t been charged, he still has some legal rights over Monica’s body,” reveals the source.

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“So that’s why her family has not been able to get extra examinations and a second autopsy on her body. Perhaps most sad, Monica’s body might not be at her own memorial.”

The funeral will be held on May 30—Memorial Day weekend—in Los Angeles.

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Monica’s body was found April 8 in a sewer at the Cancun  resort where she had been staying with her husband and their two young children.

Bruce was questioned and ordered to remain in Mexico, although he has not been charged.

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The family plans to bury Beresford-Redman in California, where she has two surviving children, five-year-old Camila and three-year-old Alec.

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The children are the subject of a custody battle set to take place in a Los Angeles court on Thursday, between Monica’s family and Bruce’s parents, David and Juanita Beresford-Redman.

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Monica’s Los Angeles-based sister Carla declined to comment about the funeral plans.

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