WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Read The Intimate, Explosive Emails Between Survivor Murder Suspect, Mistress & Wife

Survivor producer Bruce Beresford-Redman is the only suspect in the murder of his wife Monica during their vacation in Cancun, Mexico, and has obtained blockbuster emails exposing his affair and the shock waves it created in the marriage.

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTS: Bruce, Monica and Joy’s Explosive E-mails

Bruce had an intense affair with Joy Pierce, as previously reported exclusively by Now, emails obtained by reveal Bruce recounting the details of their affair in great detail, berating himself and expressing great anger toward his wife.

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An email from Monica to Joy about the affair also sheds new light on this love triangle as the murder investigation unfolds. And finally, emails from Joy to both Bruce and Monica leave no doubt that the affair had a messy, angry ending.

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“I told you that I would not leave my family. That was true and honest I was not misleading you,” Bruce wrote in an email to Joy. “Then that changed and I told you that I didn’t feel I would be happy without you and that I was going to leave my family so that we could be together.”

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The emails are dated through mid-March, less than a month before the death of Monica. It becomes shockingly clear that Bruce is conflicted about his relationships with Joy and Monica.

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“Clearly I am a piece of s**t. What I did to Monica was lousy and as you know it required me to lie to her for months,” Bruce wrote in the emails obtained by “In fact her hatred for you (which was wholly unjustified for years) has had me lying to her wherever you were concerned for years.

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“She [Monica] has denied me access to my children (and continues to do so), she has shut me out of my home, she has liquidated all my money and going even further than I thought she would she has alleged at my daughter’s school that I am abusive and unfit and should not be allowed to pick up my daughter.”

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Monica began corresponding with Joy, leaving Bruce feeling betrayed by both of them, his emails reveal.

“Monica is texting you again with questions and details — AND YOU ARE ON HER SIDE,” Bruce wrote as he attached an email he found from Joy to his wife, Monica. Throughout his email to Joy he describes her as his “little wing”, himself “buckethead”, and what they shared together as “Ride or Die.”

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In an e-mail from Monica to Joy, Monica says that Bruce “is a liar” and “is so manipulative” that she “wants to expose him, so he can feel stupid.” Monica also makes reference to the fact that she’d recorded conversations of Bruce’s from inside his car. “This is my embarrassing husband, and even more for being the father of my kids,” Monica concluded.

At one point, Joy e-mails an apology to Monica and explains she was operating out of what she thought was pure love.

But Joy eventually decided to step back from it all telling Monica, “I would prefer that you stop. I am no longer involved in your situation and would like to be left alone. Best of luck.”

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Finally, in an email sent to both Joy and Monica, Bruce seemed to backtrack his love for Joy stating that their relationship was a mistake and he wants to try to salvage his marriage.

“Our relationship was a mistake and is over. I am committing myself to being a husband and father and am making a number of changes in my life. I am going to write to many women who I am inappropriate with and tell them that I am making changes too,” Bruce wrote, noting that he had been unfaithful with more than just one woman. “I am going to get therapy for being a liar.”

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Bruce also wrote: “I am sending this with the intent of rectifying my previous behavior. I have been overly familiar in my communications and for that I wish to apologize. I am married and a father and feel that the way I have communicated could lead to the wrong impression. All future communication will be more professional and again I apologize if I offended or was inappropriate.”

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The body of Monica Beresford-Redman was found April 8, 2010, in a sewer at the ritzy Moon Palace resort in Cancun where Monica’s sister, Carla Burgos, says the couple went in an attempt to save their marriage in the aftermath of Bruce’s affair with Joy.

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Joy, a casting director, worked with Bruce on several projects. She was not reachable for comment.

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