VIDEO: George Lopez Welcomes Conan O’Brien to Late-Night On TBS

Late-night talk show host George Lopez showed what a class act he is Monday night when he officially welcomed Conan O’Brien to TBS –even though the addition of O’Brien’s new show will push the start-time of Lopez’s show back by one hour.

As previously reported, on Monday, O’Brien surprised many people in Hollywood by announcing he would be joining the cable network, and not FOX, as many had expected.

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In his opening monologue Monday night, Lopez said:  “If you haven’t heard by now, Conan O’Brien will be joining us on late-night on TBS. Welcome!, Welcome!  I want to say this, I want to say that I am completely 100% on board with this move.  I talked to Conan on Wednesday and I talked to him last night and I said I welcome you into my deep loving embrace. Then I said let’s take the party and make it bigger and take it into the next generation of late-night TV.  Lets do that! Lets do that! Lets do that!  Everybody’s heard of ‘I’m with CoCo’ but now everybody can ‘Go Loco’.”

O’Brien’s one-hour talk show will air Monday through Thursdays at 11pm Eastern time and is expected to debut in November.

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Because O’Brien’s show will air at the time now held by Lopez, Lopez’ show will start one hour later –at midnight.

While Lopez later chatted with guest Chris Rock about Conan coming to TBS, Rock quipped, “So you’re gonna move for the white man, huh?  I hope he appreciates this.”

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Lopez responded: “I think the white man does appreciate it very much.”

O’Brien’s 11pm ET start-time also means that he’ll compete for a half hour Monday through Thursday with both Jay Leno and David Letterman.

Tune in to Lopez Tonight on TBS at 11 PM ET/PT 10 PM CT.

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