VIDEO: Blast From The Past, Star-Studded Extravaganza at ‘TV Land Awards’

It was a blast from the past as stars from classic television shows were honored at the 8th annual TV Land Awards in Los Angeles Saturday.

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The cast of Everybody Loves Raymond reunited to receive the Impact Award – and was there to capture all the excitement. 

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The cast of Glee also walked the velvet rope, as the collected the Future Classic award.

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According to David Hasselhoff: ‘The big show that I loved and still want to do is Dick van Dyke.”

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Charlie’s Angel Jaclyn Smith agreed: “Dick van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore, very inspiring.”

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The iconic show The Love Boat was also honored and although Glee’s Mark Sailing is a music aficionado, he didn’t know the theme song!

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“Wasn’t that in the 70s?,” he said. “ I’m pretty damn old, but I’m not that old!”

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