PHOTOS: Angelina Jolie Hangs Out With Brad’s Mom And Twins

Putting those family feud rumors to rest finally, Angelina Jolie was spotted hanging out with Brad’s mom, Jane Pitt, on Wednesday, and has the pictures for you.

PHOTOS: Angelina with Brad’s Mom And Twins

Angie and Jane took some time out from their bonding session to check out the paparazzi and fans below their Venice, Italy, apartment balcony.

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Doting grandma was holding little Knox while Angie held Vivienne – and my, how they’re growing!

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There has been reports of tension between Angelina and Brad’s family ever since the two started dating, with stories that Jane Pitt was furious that her son split up with his then wife, Jennifer Aniston, and started dating Jolie.

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But, it looks like either those reports were unfounded or there’s been some serious bridge mending going on!

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Angelina, Brad and their six adorable children are in Venice while Angie films The Tourist with Johnny Depp, and it seems that with the arrival of Brad’s folks they really are one big happy family now.

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