EXCLUSIVE: No Evidence Of Foul Play In Death Of Catherine Bach’s Husband – Body Discovered In Backyard

Ex-Duke’s of Hazard star, Catherine Bach’s husband was found dead, in his backyard Friday morning, apparently from self-inflicted wounds.

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RadarOnline.com spoke to officers at the scene in Encino, CA. “At 11.30 this morning officers received a call,” Officer Cleon Joseph said. “We came here and to the backyard of the house and found Peter Lopez, 60-years-old, apparently deceased from self-inflicted wounds.

BREAKING NEWS: Catherine Bach’s Husband Found Dead

“It is now the coroner’s case and they are conducting their investigation, but there is no evidence of foul play.”

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A source tells RadarOnline.com, “I saw the police carrying out a gun in an evidence bag so pretty sure he shot himself. This is so sad, so terribly sad. I’m told that he left a note, but as of yet I haven’t got details of the content or who it was addressed to.”

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