EXCLUSIVE: Melissa Etheridge Seen With Ex Same Day She Split From Wife

RadarOnline.com has the first photographs of Melissa Etheridge and her ex-lover Julie Cypher in the decade since they split. Incredibly the pair was spotted together on the very day — April 15 — Melissa announced her separation from her wife Tammy Lynn Michaels.

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The friendly rendezvous was a custody hand-off of their daughter Bailey Jean, one of two children the women conceived thanks to their sperm donor, rock legend David Crosby.

Melissa Etheridge & Tammy Lynn Michaels Split

“It was just hours after Melissa announced that she and Tammy Lynn had split that I saw her drive up to Julie’s home,” an eyewitness tells RadarOnline.com.  “She had Bailey with her.

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“Mother and daughter talked pretty intently.  There is obviously a very strong bond between them. 

“Then Julie pulled up, and everything was extremely cordial between her and Melissa.  Melissa and Bailey shared an emotional hug and the girl went into the house with Julie.”

Bailey Jean, 13, is a dead ringer for her famous dad, who with the consent of his wife Jan, donated sperm to Melissa and Julie so they could become parents to Bailey Jean and younger brother Beckett. 

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Melissa and Julie split in 2001 but have remained friendly and share parenting duties.

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