VIDEO: Jackson Bodyguards: MJ No Pedophile; Had ‘Desires For Women’

Three of Michael Jackson‘s former bodyguards said they do not believe the accusations that the late King of Pop was a child molester — rather, he was fond of the ladies – and has a clip from their new interview.

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“Being a father myself, and being a man — men know men — he had the desires for women like we do,” bodyguard Bill Whitfield said in an exclusive  interview broadcast Tuesday on Good Morning America,  adding that the Thriller singer often had women in the back of his limousine.

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“We had a curtain that covered in the backseat,” Whitfield said. “We couldn’t see in the backseat — they’d talk back there and you know…”

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The bodyguards are planning on writing a book about Jackson they intend to call In Defense Of The King.

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ABC is planning on broadcasting more clips from their interview with the bodyguards on ABC’s Nightline Tuesday night.

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