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VIDEO: Former John Edwards Aide Claims Rielle Hunter Is A Liar

John Edwards’ former mistress, and mother to his baby, has ruffled more than a few feathers with a racy photo shoot and tell-all interview in the upcoming April issue of GQ magazine.

VIDEO: Rielle Repulsed By GQ Photo Spread

Andrew Young, former aide to Edwards, and author of Politician, a scandalous book about the Edwards’ affair and his aborted run for President, stopped by CNN HLN’s Jay Behr Show on Monday night to dispel many of Rielle’s claims and branded the 45-year-old videographer “a liar”. RadarOnline.com can bring you a sneak peek of the interview.

Rielle Still Loves “Johnny” Edwards, Calls Him A Relentless Lover

Joy Behr points out that in her interview Rielle claims she didn’t know who Edwards was the night she met him, she goes on to say their first meeting was “unusual” and that there was a “lot of mutual staring” going on and that “they connected”. Young leaves us in no doubt that the two “connected” that night, but said Rielle’s claim that she didn’t know Edwards was is false, and that she was fully aware of who he was. Young said that Rielle had told him that when she met Edwards “she felt there was an aura about him” and that she told him she was on TV and could help him in his bid to be President. Going on to say “they ended up in bed together that night”.

John Edwards Admits He Is The Father Of Ex-Mistress’ Baby; Says “I Am Truly Sorry”

Young also claimed that “at the same time Rielle was dating John Edwards she was also dating Jeff Goldblum” and that she even “lead him to believe he was the father [of her unborn baby] too.”

EXCLUSIVE: Read The Papers That Prove John Edwards Is Father Of Ex-Mistress’ Baby

Rielle claims Edwards told her he loved her on many occasions and that they would always be together. Something Young doubts, pointing out “John Edwards is not the most romantic person in the world. This is a guy that takes his wife to Wendy’s for their anniversary dinner each year.”

You can catch the whole Andrew Young interview on CNN Headline News Joy Behr Show Monday at 9pm ET.