PHOTOS: First Image of Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie Together!

Who knew there was something even more exciting then Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt together.

PHOTOS: Johnny and Angelina On Set

Hours after Johnny Depp appeared on The Tourist set for the first day of principle photography, Jolie (who has been in Venice for weeks sightseeing with Brad Pitt and their family) joined her co-star.

PHOTOS: Johnny Depp on The Tourist Set

The two gorgeous actors were spotted filming a scene off of a balcony on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. Depp is seen holding a drink in his hand while Jolie keeps an eye on an unidentified male joining in on their moment.

PHOTOS: Angelina Films Tourist In Venice

The plot revolves around Frank (Depp), a tourist who visits Italy to mend a broken heart, who crosses paths with “an extraordinary woman” named Elise (Jolie). Soon, the duo are “caught up in a whirlwind of intrigue and danger” according to a press release for the film.

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