Lady Gaga Has A Bad Hair Day – On Her Boot!

Come on now, who hasn’t had a bad hair day? Lady Gaga certainly did when she landed in Auckland New Zealand on Thursday. Famous for once rocking the “hair bow” Gaga appears to moved down a notch or two, and is now sporting the “hair boot” and brings you the pictures.

PHOTOS: Lady Gaga Rocks Her Hair Boots

Gaga, who is known for her outrageous get-ups both on and off the stage – remember the Kermit the frog jacket anyone – really upped the ante in the bizarre stakes with what appeared to be two long blonde hair pieces trailing from the back of her high heeled boots.

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Covering her own hair, and face, with a scarf as she was whisked through the airport with a police guard as well as security, Gaga looked otherwise fairly normal – by her standards – in fishnet tights and a leather biker jacket.

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Gaga, who is down under to perform two concerts in the Kiwi city, heralded her arrival via her Twitter account, Tweeting,  “Just arrived in New Zealand, greeted at 7 am by all my beautiful fans, glitter faces + police. Can’t wait to perform the show of a lifetime” Following up with  “Catch me if you can kiwis. I’m in a walka. Play telephone?x”

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