From Flab To Fab – Celebrity Fit Club’s Nicole Eggert Is A Bikini Babe

What a difference a little time makes – especially if that time is spent sweating it out and eating healthy on Celebrity Fit Club.

PHOTOS: Nicole Through The Years

Before Nicole Eggert‘s stint on the hit VH1 show she was looking decidedly flabby and un-fabulous, but following her grueling workouts and strict dieting under the supervision of task master Harvey E Walden, she’s regained her former beautiful Baywatch body, and can bring you the photos to prove it.

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Nicole was snapped looking stunning and skinny in her bikini as she lounged poolside last week in Bel Air.

As exclusively reported the death of her beloved father combined with a bitter break-up caused the actress to pile on the pounds – approximately 30 of them.

EXCLUSIVE: Death Of Nicole’s Dad Caused Her To Pack On The Pounds

“When her father died it took a lot out of her,” Nicole’s mother, Georgina, told “It’s been two years, but she was really bummed out and stressed about her dad.  She spent a lot of time in bed.

Nicole Strips Down On A Hot Day

“You know how Hollywood is. When you go on auditions and you look great and you look gorgeous and then they say you look old, that’s a bit of a kicker.

“On anybody else the weight gain wouldn’t have been as noticeable.  She wasn’t really that heavy, but she was on Baywatch and everyone expected her to still be that.  She’s not 18 anymore.”

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Well, she may not be 18 anymore, but by the looks of it she’s won her battle of the bulge and is now sporting a body many 18-year-olds would die for!

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