EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Brittany Murphy’s Grieving Husband Reveals Elaborate Security Set-Up In Exclusive Home Tour

Simon Monjack and his late wife Brittany Murphy were so worried about their safety, the couple had 56 cameras installed around their house, the grieving husband revealed to RadarOnline.com during an exclusive tour of the mansion.

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“There’s actually 56 cameras that cover the house,” Monjack said, as he showed off his high-tech security system. “Inside the house, outside the house, down into the cul-de-sac.”

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Monjack did everything he could to keep his wife and family safe; 56 security cameras, biometric door entries and even a system that scrambles the phone lines if someone tries to record conversations, but all the gadgets in the world couldn’t save Brittany from her tragic death.

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“She never lets anything go,” Monjack said of Brittany’s collection of film scripts and virtually every magazine she’d ever been on or in. “The White Hotel brought Brittany and I together cinematically, but unfortunately it didn’t pan out.”

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Monjack reminisced on The White Hotel and added: “There’s one film that I will make that Brittany and I wrote together called Mona Lisa’s and Madhatters which is about the fashion industry in New York. That’s the only thing I might make.”

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In what looks like an episode straight out of Hoarders, Monjack showed off the massive amounts of clothing that Brittany owned.

“There’s just so much of it. You saw the other closet and then there’s a whole room upstairs of clothing,” Monjack sighed as he showed RadarOnline.com the racks and racks of clothes that belonged to his late wife. “I figure there’s about a couple thousand pieces in all.”

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“These are pictures I took of Brittany. This is actually the picture we used at the funeral,” Monjack pointed out of the photos that adorn his foyer. “I just thought it was a perfect theatrical photograph of someone who has just taken their final bow.”

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