AUDIO: Marie Osmond’s Son Suicide- Hear The 911 Call

Moments after Marie Osmond’s son Michael Bryan ( also known as Michael Blosil) jumped to his death from the eighth floor of a Los Angeles apartment building on February 26th, a distraught woman called 911 to report the horrifying incident.

Now, has obtained the audio tape of that call to emergency personnel.  The distressed caller tells the 911 operator her location, then says she “saw someone come down on the street.

“I don’t know if they fell or they jumped,” the caller said, “I don’t know … I saw them flying from the roof.”

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“He’s on the floor … they’re not moving … oh my God,” the caller, who was on the seventh floor — one level above Bryan’s — said.

The caller then goes downstairs to see if Bryan is breathing and reports that there are onlookers near Bryan’s body. A second later, nearby security officers shoo her off.

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“They said that he’s dead,” the woman says, sobbing, noting that more authorities had arrived at the scene.

Bryan’s funeral was held Monday in a Mormon chapel in Provo, Utah.

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