PHOTOS: Tom Cruise’s Son Connor Is All Grown Up!

Connor Cruise is clearly ready for his close-up!

PHOTOS: Connor Cruise Is All Grown Up!

While everyone oohs and ahhs over how fast Suri is growing up, Tom Cruise’s fifteen-year old son has sprung up seemingly overnight.

Connor- who was adopted by Cruise and then-wife Nicole Kidman– turned heads at Los Angeles International airport recently. Looking confident and mature, the handsome teen was all smiles as he made his way through security.

Connor Cruise Taking Acting Lessons from Miley Cyrus

While his family is filled with superstars, it looks like Connor is enjoying his foray into the entertainment business.

After a part playing a younger Will Smith in Seven Pounds and after getting acting lessons from Miley Cyrus, Connor is set to appear in the upcoming war film Red Dawn.

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He will play the part of Daryl Bates, the son of the mayor. The film is expected to hit theaters in the fall.

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