PHOTOS: Stars Pose For Weird, Bloody Mug Shots

Some of the biggest stars in the universe are playing Halloween and looking mighty gruesome for a website called

PHOTOS: See Pictures of the Mug Shots

Lady Gaga posed for a fake mug shot where she looks like her face is bruised and her nose is bloodied, has confirmed.

PHOTO: Lady Gaga Scores New Tattoo

Everyone’s favorite vampire Robert Pattinson has scratches all over his face, but his signature hair is perfectly intact.

PHOTOS: Robert Pattinson Lets His Hair Down

Natalie Portman looks badly battered, while Benicio Del Toro and Jon Bon Jovi both look like they have fat lips.

The newest Clark Kent, Brandon Routh, looks like his attacker sealed it with a kiss. 

The doctored mug shots are posted by cyber artists on the worth1000 website.

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