LA SPOTLIGHT: The 15-Minute Treatment To Silky, Shiny Hair

Beverly Hills often brings to mind ladies who do four hour lunches and go on five-figure shopping sprees. Though it’s in the heart of all things posh, salon Juan Juan provides a luxurious experience that can fit into any working woman’s time and budget.

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After fifteen minutes at the newly renovated space- which is a stone’s throw from Saks Fifth Avenue for those with a larger credit line and a longer break- your hair will be brand new.

While the Brazilian Keratin treatment and a hair cut plus blowout can run in the hundreds, the salon’s Kerastase treatments are all under $50.  From the Chroma Perfect (which seals in the hue for color-treated hair) to the Concentrate Age (which restores vitality to weak hair), the instant treatments from the famed product line each pinpoint hair weaknesses and quickly eradicates them for an instant-gratification uplift.

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After a quick rinse, the instant treatment is slowly massaged and combed through your hair in soft, flowing motions that puts your fried locks (and potentially stress-fried brain) at ease. After a lingering rinse to clear out the chemicals and a brief towel-dry, you are completely done with the process!

A quick look in the mirror confirms that the product succeeded in fulfilling its follicle goals: healthy-looking hair that shines.

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Despite the neighborhood prices for the Kerastase treatments, Juan Juan maintains the Beverly Hills chic it has had for the past twenty five years. The recently renovated all-white modern space with its crisp lines and photo shoot lighting exudes a sense of high-class, up-market flair. The smooth style of the space is saved from being cold by the warm, inviting staff whose friendly professionalism makes you instantly at ease.

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