EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Nick Nolte’s Bizarre Behavior Continues

What’s Nick Nolte up to?  The Down And Out In Beverly Hills star was up and about in Beverly Hills Monday, and told RadarOnline.com exclusively that he found a bag was looking for, on the same day we posted video of the two-time Oscar nominated actor scouring through trash cans and dumpsters in Venice Beach last Wednesday on a mad hunt to find the missing sack.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Nick Nolte’s Bizarre Behavior Searching Through Trash Cans

Last week, as we trailed the disheveled actor through Venice, he told us: “Somebody’s probably swallowed a bottle of Xanax by now; and they’ve probably had a beer or two.”

We caught up with the 68-year-old The Prince of Tides star Monday—once named the Sexiest Man Alive —  clad in the same black cap and white pants he wore last week in Venice , as he entered a medical building, and then picked up some lunch at a nearby deli. Inside, he rummaged through his weathered black bag, inspecting the contents of a small white paper bag at one point.

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As he left, we asked Nolte if he found what he was looking for last week.

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“Yeah, I did, I did,” Nolte told us, before entering a plush black sedan, complete with waiting chauffeur.

PHOTO: Nick Nolte’s Infamous Mug Shot

Despite an impressive film career, Nolte’s personal life has been erratic. In 2002, he was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, subsequently providing one of the most published celebrity mug shots ever. Tests later determined that Nolte was under the influence of the drug GHB, or “the date rape drug.”

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