EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Missing Growing Pains Actor’s Close Friend Desperate Plea: ‘Let Us Know You Are Ok’

A close friend of Growing Pains star Andrew Koenig, who has been missing since Valentine’s Day, has come to RadarOnline.com to make a personal plea to Andrew, hoping that he’s simply ok and out of touch with his loved ones.

Lance Miccio, who’s been Andrew’s friend for six years, turned to RadarOnline.com to broadcast this message to Andrew:

BREAKING NEWS: Canadian Police Issue Release They Believe Andrew Koening Still in Vancouver Area

“We’re all worried about you. We want you to reach out to us and let us know you are ok. You have a lot of people who care about you. You have a lot going on. Alright.  Please. For Everyone. For You.”

Lance says that Andrew, who was child star and most recently worked as an editor, is healthy and lives a drug-free and vegan lifestyle. He has however been suffering from depression.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Friend of Missing Growing Pains Actor: He’s Dealt With Depression His Whole Life

“Andrew didn’t do drugs,” Lance emphasized to RadarOnline.com. “He is a clean-living guy. He may have had enough with the Hollywood BS and decided to start over.”

He went to Andrew’s apartment in Venice, California Tuesday and told RadarOnline.com that friends now say that Andrew was planning to move to Canada. He was last seen in Vancouver, British Columbia on February 14th, and the last cell phone call was made on February 16th.

RadarOnline.com broke the exclusive news that Andrew gave his landlord 30 days notice in January and moved out February 4.

As worry increases about Andrew’s disappearance, Lance told RadarOnline.com that it is typical of Andrew to go off into the wild and disappear at times.  Andrew’s dad, Star Trek’s Walter Koenig, arrived in Vancouver Tuesday after launching a media blitz to search for his missing son.

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