EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Natalie Nunn From Bad Girls Club, The Baddest Girl Ever To Hit LA

Natalie Nunn, the baddest girl of The Bad Girls Club, invited RadarOnline.com inside her dressing room for a steaming hot bikini shopping spree and in an exclusive interview talked about being the girl that everybody loves to hate.

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“Feast your eye on this,” Natalie taunted as she tried on the sexy suits at Bikini in Santa Monica. She had words of warning for her critics:  “Everyone thinks I’m the biggest B**** on The Bad Girls Club, you guys got that wrong. Radar, I’m the hottest B****!”

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Living up to her claim as the hottest Bad Girl, Natalie modeled the season’s newest suits and rocked them all – from a striped one that she could wear in Miami to a gorgeous suit with Swarovski crystals.

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Not a stranger to controversy, Natalie admitted that her bad behavior has really had only been good for her.  “They hated me so much that I honestly felt like I did a great job… I totally thought I’m doing something right for these girls, to leave the show and tweet, “you stupid B****.”   She said her last name has brought her loads of comments and people tell her “You’re not a Nunn, you’re the baddest Bad girl ever to hit LA.”

The Bad Girl even talked some smack about another bikini babe.  “They say Rihanna has the hottest beach body in the game.  They’re wrong.  I can bet you a million dollars my body’s better than hers.”  And with a trademark taunt “Eat your heart out B****!”

Natalie joked about her on camera sex, telling RadarOnline.com “Having sex on TV under the covers is just so uncomfortable…having sex on TV is not cool.  I want to have sex, maybe it will take away some of the feisty emotions that I’m taking out on all the girls.  But at the same time you can’t even get yours.”

She bragged about her new man “I have a hot new guy and he’s definitely the star of the NBA,” and said that she has “sexy pictures” of the two of them but she’s saving them up for “the big explosion!”

Living the life of a bad girl isn’t upsetting Natalie’s family.  “My mom lives vicariously through me, she enjoys everything, she says, ‘any pictures from last week when I’m partying? My Dad believe it or not is the deacon of our church, he was kid of like, oh well…my daughters a little wild, but come to church on Sunday and wash your sins away.”

Nunn is unfazed by the negative backlash she’s received from her housemates and viewers because her wild antics have made her this season’s favorite.  She told RadarOnline.com that it has launched her career and she has landed her own show.  “The ‘I Run LA’ show is coming, but you’re going to have to wait for details, and I’m really excited about it.”

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