EXCLUSIVE: Farrah Fawcett’s Hair For Sale

Farrah Fawcett’s afterlife has had more twists and turns than a Hollywood thriller: law suits, a battle over her fortune, son Redmond’s drug battle and a disturbing admission from her one-time love Ryan O’Neal, that he hit on his daughter Tatum, at the late Charlie’s Angel’s funeral.

But this could be the sickest twist yet.

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Online celebrity sales site www.hunkwithjunk.com is offering what it purports to be a lock of Farrah’s famous golden hair — for one thousand dollars.

“For real, this one time novelty item from 1970’s,” the site’s description reads.

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“Sadly takes on new meaning after the passing of our beloved Angel! Here and available for a limited time only!”

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Even more frightening, the bold suggestion that the DNA contained inside the hair could be used to clone your very own Farrah.

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“Someday the technology will be available, and you might be able to create your very own angel,” it says.

RadarOnline.com contacted Farrah’s former hair dresser and friend of more than two-decades, Mela Murphy, who described the sale as “scary”.

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“Who would it be?”, a shocked Murphy questioned, unsure how the locks, if at all authentic, became to be a for sale item.

“Wow, I am stunned. I hope this person is not trying to be funny.”

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