Countdown To Oscar: Unconventional Red Carpet Attire

While most glam gals walk the red carpet of the Academy Awards wearing traditional floor-length gowns, there are always a few non-conformists who push the envelope, showing up in creative couture.  From Bjork’s infamous swan dress, designed by Marjan Pejoski to Cher’s nearly naked Bob Mackie creations, some ladies refuse to follow the red carpet rules!

PHOTOS: The Most Unconventional Oscar Attire Over The Years

One of the most memorable Oscar outfits of all times?  When Sharon Stone wore a frugal Gap t-shirt with her luxe Valentino skirt in 1996 because she wasn’t comfortable in the gown that she was supposed to wear!

PHOTOS: Red Carpet Worthy Oscar Deisgners

In 1990, Kim Basinger disastrously designed her own ensemble, which resulted in a confusing mess of dress. The blindingly white concoction featured a way-too-full skirt, missing sections of the bodice, (you really have to see it to believe it!) and was part strapless and part tuxedo-style.

PHOTOS: Dressed To Win

Which one of Brad Pitt’s ladies looked like a member of the Addams Family when she scooped up her Best Supporting Actress Award in 2000?  Check out the gallery in Style to find out.

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