Countdown To Oscar: Best And Worst Beauty

Though being dressed to impress is the top priority of any starlet who walks the red carpet of the Academy Awards, hair and makeup can often make or break a look. Too much eye makeup, the wrong shade of blush, hideously hued lipstick and fly-away hair can result in a dreaded beauty bomb, and even take a Best Dressed look to the Worst list.

PHOTOS: Best And Worst Oscar Beauty

Michelle Williams rocked perfectly painted, red lips with her marigold Vera Wang gown in 2006 and just last year Jennifer Aniston looked superbly sun-kissed and California fresh in natural shades.  Kate Winslet showed off her award-winning beauty in, rocking a sophisticated and sleek updo in

Angelina Jolie’s Addams Family goth look in 1999 had beauty experts in mourning, while Jessica Biel’s bed head hair at last year’s show had the hairdressers in dis-tress. Kate Hudson looked like she was headed to the saloon in 2006, getting her hair done up in a ringlet curl updo!

PHOTOS: Red Carpet Worthy Designers

What Supermodel/Reality Show host rocked the “pouf” before Snooki?  Check out the gallery in Style to find out.

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