Conan O Brien’s Tonight Show Studio Dismantled; Staffers Mock NBC

NBC might be doing its best to put the failed Conan O’Brien experiment behind it, but loyal staffers of the former Tonight Show host aren’t going down quietly.

Last Friday was the last day of NBC employment for most of those who worked on Conan’s seven-month stint in the Tonight Show anchor chair.

And they marked the occasion by drumming up some comedy gold to remember the day.

PHOTOS: The Tonight Show With Conan

Aaron Bleyaert, a former Conan writer and blogger, came up with three labels for the final day were “NBC.. You Later Day”, “Don’t Let The Door Hit You Where The Big Zucker Split You Day” and the vitriolic option, “Hey, Get The F— Out And Don’t Steal Any Company Property, You A-Holes Day”.

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“Needless to say, everyone left the office and headed directly to the bar for Happy Hour,” wrote Bleyaert, who posted a final look at the Tonight Show studio on his blog.

Click Here To See Photos Of Conan’s Set Dismantled

“Both photo galleries are extremely depressing,” he said.  

“Even so, I thought it was significant and important to snap the photos, and I’m sure that you’d all like to take a gander… So enjoy!  Just hide the knives and whiskey before you do. I’m not kidding.”

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